Company Profile

Texery Oil Technologies, is an integrated oilfield service provider in oil and gas industries. We corporate in Houston, Texas, having international branches in Mexico, Peru, Kazakhstan, China, Dubai and Algeria etc.

Over years of development, the Company has established the oilfield service sectors: Drilling service sector focuses on directional drilling and drilling construction; Well completion & fracturing sector focuses on open-hole multistage fracturing, Plug& Perf Multi-Stage Fracturing Technology, Coil Tubing Hydra Jetting Multi-Stage Fracturing Technology; Perforation sector focuses on Pumping perforating, TCP perforation tubing transmission and TTP through tubing perforating; Special work-over sector focuses on snubbing operation and workover; Oil production sector including wellsite operation, equipment’s maintenance, oil field surface engineering and construction, oil gas recovery and heavy oil thermal production services; Oilfield chemical technology service sector focuses on the production of oil recovery additives, drilling chemicals, profile control, acidizing, water plugging, and waste water treatment.

    Uphold the integrity, as win-win concept, the company is committed to provide the best solution for our customers, emphasizing the safety and healthy, ensuring the highest quality products and technical services to meet the growth of oil and gas industries.