Coil Tubing Hydra Jetting Multi-Stage Fracturing Technology

Scope of Application:
This technology is applicable for vertical well and horizontal well after cementing cased well and completion. Detailed parameters of applicable casing are as follows:
O.D. in (mm)
Class lb/ft (kg/m)
Min Inner Diameter in(mm)
Max. Inner Diameter


4.5 (114.3)

9.5-17.1 (14.1-25.4)

3.754 (95.4)

4.090 (103.9)

5.0 (127.0)

11.5-18.0 (17.1-26.8)

4.276 (108.6)

4.560 (115.8)

5.5 (139.7)

15.5-23 (23.1-34.2)

4.670 (118.6)

4.950 (125.7)

Parameter List of Applicable Casing for Bottom Setting and Dragging Perforation and Staged Fracturing of Coiled Tubing 



Technical Principle
The Coil Tubing Hydra Jetting Multi-Stage Fracturing Technology combines the hydraulic sand blasting perforating technology and the annulus frac multi-staged fracturing technology. Perforation is completed by the hydraulic blasting gun of the t ool string. Zone isolation is completed by the repeatable setting/unsetting operation under the jetting sub. Therefore, multistage perforation and fracturing can be completed by one pipe string and one tool set. After fracturing, all the pipe strings are pulled out.


Construction Tools 
Tool string for sand blasting perforating:
① Coil connector/disconnect   
② Centralizer    
③ Hydra-jet perforating sub   
④ Equalizing valve/Reverse circulating sub  
⑤ Isolation and anchor assembly  
⑥ Mechanical casing collar locator    
⑦ Optional BH gauge 


Technical Features

(1)Accurate positioning: MCCL can accurately locate the perforating and fracturing positions and can carry out separate fracturing on thin layer. 

(2)Selective fracturing is carried out on each perforated horizon with no necessary for separate perforation. 

(3)No auxiliary isolation by other tools is required and full port can be realized after fracturing. 

(4)Repeated setting and unsetting can be realized by the tool.


Service Ability and Performance

As of June 2013, the multistage fracturing technology has been successfully applied for 28 wells in China with a success rate of 100%. Maximum 12 fracturing stages can be achieved on a single well.


Curve Chart of Treatment in Su XXXX Well

Curve Chart of Treatment in HH XX Well