Drilling engineering services


Scope of  services: 

Drilling capability

 DOT drilling team are experienced with drilling vertical wells, horizontal wells, cluster wells and multi-lateral wells.

Adaptable to complicated  formation conditions

        Drill a borehole in complicated formation such as unconventional formations or HPHT wells (up to 105MPa),high H2S can be challenging. Texery drilling team successfully provided drilling services in these types of formations.


  •  Optimized fast-speed drilling

  •  Multi lateral drilling with single wellbore

  •  Drilling through abnormal pore pressure formation.

  •  Large and deep hole( 17-1/2’’ section and  4300m accumulated depth)  drilling technology

  •  Drilling in tremendous thick and high pressure salt-gypsum formation

  •  Narrow drilling window
  •  Wellbore strengthening while drilling

  •  Leak prevention and Plugging techniques


Integrated drilling services 



        Texery as an integrated service provider is able to provide project management and information solutions to customers. It include geological study and drilling engineering design, well completion and oil & gas well testing. 

   •  Geological design

  •  Drilling engineering design

  •  Preliminary engineering for spudding

  •  Drilling services

  •  Logging and mud-logging services

  •  Well cementing

  •  Directional  drilling services

  •  Drilling and completion fluid services

  •  Coring services

  •  Well completion services

  •  Drilling waste management



       DOT has provided services in JiaoShiBa area and XinJiang area etc. in China, as well as the drilling services overseas. It included, but not limited to Kazakhstan, Algeria,Middle East. So far, more than 100 wells have been drilled successfully and the total drilling footage is more than 400,000 meters.