Damaged casing repair and reinforcement

Texery Provides casing repair services in both open hole and cased hole including, but not limited to the damaged casing repair and replacement, casing repair with expanded liner, intermediate casing reinforcement, and repair the deformed surface casing etc.

        Casing repair in open hole

        The process refers to running the milling tools to the hole, then milling the cement sheath and the rock surrounding the damaged casing. Downhole fishing tool is run to fish out the damaged casing, and then a new casing is used to connect with old casing in the well. Texery has a proven technology of casing repair and casing reinforcement in 5" and 5-1/2" openhole at the wellbore length of 1500m and over.

        Casing repair in cased hole

        The process refers to repair the damaged production casing  in the intermediate casing.  The cracking and deformation of the production casing are two typical damages, often lead to the leakage in the casing. Texery have years of experience in casing repair in cased hole. It has been recorded 100% success rate of repairing 5" and 5-1/2" production casing within 9-5/8" intermediate casing.